Uptown Stategic Action Plan 2022

The Brookings Institute defines Innovation Districts in its landmark 2014 report The Rise of Innovation Districts as “geographic areas where leading-edge anchor institutions and
companies cluster and connect with start-ups, business incubators and accelerators.”  The Brookings Institute also describes innovation districts as “the manifestation of
mega-trends altering the location preferences of people and firms and – in the process – reconceiving the very link between economy-shaping, place-making,
and social networking.”

Innovation districts are designed to promote a high level of interaction and connectivity within a compact area. Innovation districts facilitate accidental business collisions and serendipitous business choreography through deliberate planning efforts. With the presence of the University of South Florida, Moffitt Cancer Center, the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, AdventHealth, Busch Gardens, Yuengling and a number of other anchors, Uptown

Tampa has the institutional and human assets to be a world-class Innovation District. However, without a coordinated plan, Uptown has not scratched the surface of its potential. This
Strategic Action Plan was created with the goal of unleashing Uptown’s potential.

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