Your contribution  will directly impact our ongoing initiatives, allowing us to:

  1. Fuel Entrepreneurship: By supporting innovative startups, we can transform Uptown into a hub of creativity and progress.
  2. Foster Collaboration: Your support helps us bridge gaps between institutions, companies, and government forces, fostering collaboration that will drive positive change in the Uptown community.
  3. Empower Residents: Through educational programs, job training, and community outreach, we empower residents to participate in and benefit from the opportunities created by the Uptown Innovation Quarter.
  4. Build Resilience: In a rapidly changing world, resilience is key.

Your contribution enables Soaring City to support infrastructure improvements that strengthen the community’s ability to adapt and thrive.

Every dollar you donate makes a tangible difference. Whether it’s $25, $50, or a more significant amount, your generosity contributes to the prosperity and well-being of the Uptown community.

Your support is not just a gift; it’s an investment in the future of Uptown Tampa.

Corporate Donation Options

We warmly welcome tax-deductible donations by check, offering a traditional and straightforward way for corporate contributions to our cause. By choosing to donate by check, you not only provide vital support to our initiatives but also potentially benefit from tax deductions, subject to the prevailing laws and regulations. Your generosity is instrumental in advancing our mission, and every contribution, big or small, makes a significant difference.  We deeply appreciate your commitment and thank you for your invaluable support.”

Please make your check payable to “Soaring City IP”

and mail it to:

Soaring City IP
PO Box 82497
TAMPA, FL 33682
United States

Any questions? Just Email us 

We also Accept Donations in CryptoCurrency



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