Uptown Spotlight On Chris Morancie

This month we shine the spotlight on Chris Morancie, the co-Founder and CEO of NetSVS and LT3 Group. Chris and the organizations that he runs are key assets to the Soaring City innovation ecosystem providing expert technical services, skilled jobs, and training for those seeking careers in tech fields as well as entrepreneurs starting companies In tech sectors.

Morancie along with his co-founder Dagma Quinones, founded NetSVS in 2008 with a focus on making it simple for individuals and organizations to benefit from digital technologies. In 2022, along with co-founders Michael Hamilton and Amy Lesniak founded the LT3 Group – a name derived from “learning tomorrow’s technologies today” – as a community-driven workforce development organization offering Department of Education and Department of Labor registered programs. The LT3 physical location is in Rithm (University Mall) and serves as a conduit linking residents in Uptown to high-wage tech career opportunities.

Soaring City supported a summer program in 2022 through LT3 where ten high school-age students were paid for 24 hours per week while they learned digital technology skills from LT3. Each student completed the summer earning at least one certification and are either completing high school, attending college and/or working in an LT3 pre-apprenticeship now.

“At LT3 we strongly believe that investing in the education and skills development of our youth is the key to building a brighter future. By providing access to cutting-edge technology training and paid preapprenticeship, we can empower young people with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the rapidly evolving tech industry. Through our people accelerator at LT3 Academy, we can aim to close the opportunity gap and create a more equitable society, one where everyone has the chance to pursue their dreams and build a better life for themselves and their families.”

April 2023 saw the launch of the inaugural cohort of the Soaring City Business Accelerator powered by LT3’s Idea and Innovation Factory. Where along with Soaring City’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Brian Alvarez-Bailey, ten entrepreneurs receive business training, co-working space, and pro-bono tech support services made available through the LT3 group’s collection of companies.

“Sustainable community development comes from supporting entrepreneurs who are embarking on one of the most beautiful yet tarrying thing in life… growing an idea into something that is alive that affects lives.”

He is a Computer and Information Sciences graduate of USF with an MBA from the University of Tampa and currently enrolled in the master’s in data science program at Syracuse University. He and his wife Dagma are parents to two children.

Trailblazers like Chris Morancie and organizations like NetSVS and LT3 Group are important Soaring City partners and have helped Tampa’s Uptown Innovation Quarter make great strides. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation make him an outstanding resource and inspiration for others.