University of South Florida to Green ARTery Trail Study (2022)

Project Overview

The USF to Green ARTery trail study is evaluating conceptual and new connections from the University area to the existing and proposed trail system in Tampa and Hillsborough County. With the redevelopment of the University Mall, expansion of the Veterans Administration, and continuing growth around the University of South Florida, safe nonmotorized spaces are an increasing priority. The study area contains several high-volume roadways, and safe crossings and connections will be a primary focus. The study kicked off in March and will explore the feasibility of a trail connecting the University of South Florida (USF) and Veterans Hospital with the planned Green ARTery Perimeter Trail and other neighborhoods to the south of Fowler including proposed safe crossing locations on Fowler and other roadways. This study will focus on the potential alignments for the trail, in coordination with area property owners and agency partners.

Please Contact Wade Reynolds, AICP at, 813.793.2361

Scope of the Study
Increase safe and equitable transportation choices
Create implementable design options

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