Soaring City Fall Business Accelerator Cohort Takes Flight

Soaring City’s second business accelerator cohort has begun with twelve startup founders embarking on a ten-week program of entrepreneurial and company growth.

The fall cohort includes:

  • Bazaar Horizons: a marketplace for buying and selling upcycled, reused, and repurposed items
  • Bury Good: an e-commerce platform that distributes Alkaline Juice
    • Vertical: D2C, B2C, E-Commerce, CPG
    • Founder: Richard Woodbury
  • Daka International: a SaaS resource aggregator and referral service for social services
    • Vertical: B2G, SaaS
    • Founder: Sergio Velazquez
  • Divvy Up: a fintech peer-to-peer microlending platform
  • Eczema Sample Store: an e-commerce platform that offers cost-effective skincare sample subscriptions
  • Fractio: a SaaS platform that offers a monthly subscription for startups to pay-per-skill for professional services on a fractional basis
  • Game Drive: a platform aggregating gaming data for player competition, networking, and talent recruitment
  • Healhum: a technology solution focused on improving patient compliance, targeting dementia, Alzheimer’s, and seniors, with benefits for caregivers and healthcare providers
    • Vertical: MedTech
    • Founder: Heather Patel
  • Hilton Holistic Health and Wellness: a caregiver support hub focusing on senior health and wellness in underserved areas
    • Vertical: HealthTech, SaaS
    • Founder: De’Nicea Hilton Harper
  • Multicultural Classroom: an edtech startup that offers anti-bias and anti-racist training through workshops, digital content, and public speaking
  • Thrive Wallet: a fintech platform offering a 360-degree view of finances, real-time insights, and AI-driven personalized advice for improved financial literacy and decision-making
    • Vertical: Fintech, AI, Personal Finance
    • Founder: Barrington Williamson
  • U Do You: a software solution for streamlined and effective workplace performance feedback
      • Vertical: HR Tech, SaaS, B2B, B2C
      • Founder: Christina Norton
Martika Jones is the Founder & CEO of BŪP and the Soaring City Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Soaring City’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Martika Jones looks forward to working with this cohort of founders. She is a graduate of the business accelerator’s first cohort with her company BŪP, and now directs the program.

“As I reflect on my journey with BŪP and look at the incredible talent coming through our doors, I am filled with immense hope and excitement for what these founders will achieve. Their passion, innovation, and drive are the cornerstone of our entrepreneurial community,” said Jones.

Soaring City’s business accelerator is powered by the LT3 Idea & Innovation Factory whose CEO Christford Morancie serves as Managing Director for the program. In addition, LT3 provides support services to the founders to help them build a strong foundation for their companies.

“The LT3 Group is passionately committed to a singular mission: partnering with civic groups to become a powerhouse of people acceleration. Our focus is to empower talent, nurture products, and accelerate startups. We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Soaring City Innovation Partnership, introducing our distinctive venture studio model to traditionally underserved founders,” said Morancie.

“Through our Idea and Innovation Factory, we uniquely blend the robust support of a traditional startup

Christford Morancie is the CEO of the LT3 Idea & Innovation Factory and Managing Director of the Business Accelerator

accelerator with the dynamic, tech-forward approach of our LT3 Academy-powered product accelerator. This synergy is at the heart of fostering groundbreaking ideas and turning visions into reality”

The 10-week accelerator program is made possible with financial support from the Florida Business Development Corporation and Truist, which are key partners in Soaring City’s efforts to seed prosperity throughout the Uptown community. The program will culminate in a Demo Day where the founders will deliver pitches about their companies to a live audience including potential investors.