Introducing the Soaring City Business Accelerator Inaugural Cohort

We’re honored to introduce the ten founders taking part in the inaugural cohort of the Soaring City Business Accelerator program, powered by LT3 Group. Here is a quick video of each introducing themselves and their companies along with comments from LT3 CEO, Chris Morancie, Soaring City Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Brian Alvarez-Bailey, and Soaring City’s Chief Operating Officer, Eric Larson.

The entrepreneurs in this spring, 2023 group are:

Martika Jones – BUP

Michael Freed – Maka Social

Mauro Costa – Bulkitrade, Inc.

Mac Jean-Pierre – Zapay

Rebecca Peone – Care Collective

Adan Jackson – BIOS

Logan Higuera – Open Ocean

April Caldwell – fayVen

Damon Thrash – Divine Hustle

Murewa Olubela – Erudtion