Fowler Avenue Vision Study

Project Overview

The Fowler Avenue Vision Study will evaluate the land use, transportation, and community characteristics required to create a Comprehensive Vision Plan that answers the question, what does Fowler Avenue become?

Fowler Avenue traverses through both Hillsborough County and City of Tampa jurisdictional boundaries, each subject to their respective regulations. This has created a development environment characterized by inconsistent development patterns along the corridor. Achieving a cohesive vision for the corridor requires identification of policy gaps, acknowledging points of agreement, leveraging existing projects, and coordination between jurisdictions, in addition to significant community and stakeholder outreach.

The resulting Comprehensive Vision Plan for the redevelopment of the East Fowler Avenue Corridor will paint a picture of the future that the corridor can grow into.

Scope of the Study

  • Evaluate the Land Use Categories along Fowler Avenue in both the City and County
  • Look at infrastructure needs
  • Increase safe and equitable transportation choices
  • Preserve the environment and open space
  • Create implementable design options
  • Link to the Study