Crisis Center of Tampa wins Community Catalyst Award for services to the Uptown community

The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay received the Community Catalyst Award at  Soaring City’s Verizon State of Uptown on February 29th. The Community Catalyst is one of three Community Impact Awards presented annually by Soaring City in partnership with the University Area Community Development Corporation (UACDC) and has a focus on organizations emerging in community leadership, inclusion, and growth.

One example of Crisis Center’s Impact is a partnership with Ultimate Medical Academy to address the dire need for Emergency Medical Technicians in the area. This partnership has resulted in 48 EMT apprentices as of the nomination deadline to serve our growing population. In 2022, Crisis Center’s TransCare Medical Transportation Service transported more than 1,000 individuals in the Uptown district. Among apprentices in this program, 86% have passed the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification exam which exceeds the national pass rate for first exam attempts by EMTs taking the NREMT of 66%. Over 80% of registered apprentices are still actively employed by the CCTB, indicating that CCTB’s innovative approach to meeting a workforce need through an apprenticeship has had a positive impact on recruitment and retention in this critical role.

“This outstanding, innovative, and collaborative solution to EMT shortages makes the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay a deserving candidate for this prestigious recognition,” said Ultimate Medical Academy President and nominator Tom Rametta. “I am confident that our ongoing partnership will continue to create a positive impact in our community and in the University Area.”

The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay also provides essential services to sexual assault survivors and and in 2023 served 27 sexual assault clients in the area. Additionally, 36 individuals from the University Area accepted or participated in ongoing sexual assault advocacy services. The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay’s Sexual Assault Services team provides a safe and confidential environment where sexual assault victims can begin healing from the trauma they’ve experienced. Services provided include advocacy, forensic medical exams, and possible financial and relocation assistance. These services are free of charge and available on an ongoing basis to victims and their support systems throughout the recovery process.