Aetna wins Corporate Changemaker Award for partnership with Mort Elementary School

Untreated mental health needs are a growing threat to children’s health and can be worse for children from uninsured or underinsured families or for children with limited English proficiency. A pilot program initiated by Aetna and the Children’s Home Society at Mort Elementary School is designed to address this crisis. Aetna has contributed $20,000 to provide Mort Elementary students with access to a bilingual therapist who conducts anxiety screenings and offers trauma-informed counseling.

For this effort, Aetna was presented the Corporate Changemaker Award for 2023-24 at Soaring City’s Verizon State of Uptown event on February 29th. The award is one of three Community Impact Awards presented annual by Soaring City in partnership with the University Area Community Development Corporation (UACDC). The awards are intended to recognize organizations that have shown exemplary leadership in building a cohesive community in the Uptown area. The Corporate Changemaker Award has a focus on the business sector and those who demonstrate exceptional collaboration for the benefit of the community.

By creatively co-designing this solution with Children’s Home Society of Florida leadership, Aetna is filling a critical gap to reach children during formative developmental years at Mort. Their investment has facilitated life-changing care for 20 students this year who may not have
otherwise received individual or group therapy. Early screening and treatment are proven to mitigate conditions from becoming more severe over time.

“Aetna has shared a vision to scale this pilot program to other schools if successful, which would compound its impact. Their willingness to innovatively pilot an idea that can be replicated demonstrates exceptional leadership,” said Dr. Dustin Krein, Community Partnership School Director and nominator. “In summary, Aetna built an inclusive partnership to uplift an underserved population, designed an impactful intervention, and laid the foundation to drive lasting community change.”